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Dear Visitor,

Be advised that by using our classified service you have indicated that you have agreed to our Terms of Service/s that follows, if  you do not agree to these listed terms here stated, please discontinue use of this website/service IMMEDIATELY.

Shopperzsolutionz Ja reserves the right to change and adjust this term without notice and at any moment of our choosing.


Shopperzsolutionz Ja cannot be held responsible for items bought and sold through this medium, please Users, when purchasing items advertised on shopperzsoltionz.com, we implore you to take extra precaution, do your research beforehand and try as much as possible to get credible background information on the item(s) and/or person(s) you are buying from.

Shopperzsolutionz Ja reserves all right to remove any item if it is reported to have been stolen or of a cheap and defective build quality. Shopperzsolutionz Ja also reserves the right to report (to relevant authorities)/ban/delete any unscrupulous person(s) which may jeopardize the integrity of Shopperzsolutionz Ja and users of Shopperzsolutionz Ja.

  1. No Duplicate Listings
    We only allow one ad for a particular listing. Please do not post the same listing more than once either in the same category/location or across multiple categories/locations. Any duplicate listings will be removed.
  • FOR WEEKLY/RECURRING EVENTS, post one listing ONLY and edit prior to the next date.
  1. Follow Posting Rules & Etiquette 
  • Post in the correct category, it helps with search and ensures that your listing reaches the correct audience.
  • Contact info is allowed in Details ONLY


  1. No links to other Classified, Property, Dating or Job Websites
    Please do not put a link in your posting to an ad on another advertising, marketing or promotion website without direct consent.
  2. No Nudity or Profanity
    Nude or semi-nude images, and profanity are NOT allowed in ANY category, PERIOD.




  1. You are liable for your Actions
    All listings are checked/edited for 'CONTENT'; much like similar services in print, WE CAN NOT CHECK NOR EDIT 'INTENT'.
  • You understand that ShopperzSolutionz Ja or it's staff is not involved in your transactions; we do not handle payments, guarantee transactions, provide escrow services, or offer "buyer protection" or "seller certification".
  • You understand that Shopperzsolutionz ja or it's staff is not liable for spam, fraudulent listings or failed transactions
  • You understand that ShopperzSolutionz Ja does not explicitly store contact names or phone numbers. Read our Privacy Policy.

If we believe a listing is of mal-intent, it WILL be deleted. For example, if you imply the use of ANY Money Transfer Service in your details the listing WILL be deleted.

All listings are subject to editing. We reserve the right to edit or remove ANY content, with or without notice. Shopperzsolutionz ja reserves the right to modify this terms of Service Agreement without notice at any given time.



We reserve the RIGHT to log your Ip address for security purposes

         Recommended Tips for buyers

        Buyer be aware and trust your instincts.

We advise you to always use popular public locations to conduct transactions whether cash or trade (If concerns arise we highly Recommend that transactions be done at a Police Station) and if possible request a receipt and have a witness /witnesses present to witness the transaction. Please obtain as much information as possible on returning items just in case they are defective or different from what was advertised.

  • Deal as locally as possible, make transactions in public places if possible.
  • Sending/accepting funds via JN, Western Union, Moneygram or any other money transfer service is NOT recommended and should be avoided.
  • Be aware of fake checks and money orders; banks will cash them and hold you responsible.
  • NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION (bank account number, TRN number, credit card number, Vcard/PayPal info, etc.)
  • Avoid deals involving shipping or escrow services and know that ONLY A SCAMMER WILL "GUARANTEE" YOUR TRANSACTION.
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